Miracle Stories

"I'm Thankful To The Team Who Saved My Life."

At Ryder Trauma Center, we have helped thousands of patients survive some of the most traumatic injuries. Some of those grateful patients have shared their traumatic stories how Ryder Trauma saved their lives. We invite you to read, share, and comment on their stories.

Freek Vonk

“The staff at Ryder was incredibly friendly,” said Vonk. “I was in the best hands I could have been with Ryder’s world level facilities and surgeons."

Maty Hallcroft

“I have been blown away by the care I received every step of the way. Jackson and the people who work there brought me back to life."

Chris Rotella

“I feel great now. I am still in pain. I still have thoughts of the accidents,” said Rotella. “I’m very lucky to be alive. I’m very appreciate of everything and everyone at the Burn Center.”

Darnal Mundy

"I had a lot of confidence in Ryder – I knew that they save a lot of lives there.”

Tennyson McFarlane

“Doctors here at UM/Jackson have assured me that I will be able to go back to work,” McFarlane said. “I am looking forward to regaining the quality of life I had before.”

Robert Billue

“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for everyone at Jackson,” he said.

Lino Diaz

“Ryder Trauma Center has been around for many years. As part of our job in law enforcement, we have been in Ryder for traumatic cases, and I’ve seen miracles happen,” said Diaz. “We have that experience with Ryder Trauma, and that’s really where law enforcement wants to be taken in case they suffer a trauma.”

Danielle Press

"To be a part of the club ‘Accident Victim’ is never something I would have wanted, but to be a part of the ‘Ryder Trauma Survivors Club’ is something I couldn’t be more proud and grateful for.”

Evelin Matamoros

“I thank God every day because he put a lot of angels in my path at that moment,” says Matamoros. “I am eternally grateful the to the doctors and nurses who took care of me.”

Aaron Willis

“Jackson is the best,” Beaton said. “The nurses and doctors there take care of everyone – you’re just not a number. It makes the patient and their family feel good.”

Tiffany Davis & Skyla Milton

“Doctors made sure I was all right before I got out of the hospital,” said Davis, “and I hope they just keep it up and save other people, like how they worked on me.”

Yasser Lopez

“I’m thankful to the to the team who saved my life,” said Yasser. “They helped me transform my life from what I was when I arrived at the hospital to where I am today.”

Lt. Kevin McCrea

“My wounds are my journey. It’s my story; it’s my life,” says McCrea. “I’m a survivor, and I appreciate life more.”

Jorge Valdes

“Jackson saved me,” Jorge said. “I wasn’t supposed to walk out of there, but I did because of Jackson and the amazing people who work there.”

James "Woody" Beckham

“Jackson treated me fantastically, especially their caring staff and brilliant doctors,” Woody said. “Jackson is a special place where countless people get excellent care, particularly those who need it the most.”

Carlos Castillo

“I’m thankful to Jackson and everyone who took care of me,” said Castillo. “I’m fortunate to still be alive.”

Steven Avila

“I’m grateful to Ryder Trauma Center,” he said. “They saved my life. The treatment was the best in the world.”

Jody Wright

“The memories I have of the doctors and nurses of Ryder Trauma are one of great appreciation and admiration,” said Wright. “Thank you to Dr. Gregory Zych and staff for initially doing my very first surgery and saving my leg. Since then I have had the honor and privilege dealing with Doctor James Hutson. He has in short preformed a miracle on my leg.”

Erik Santana

“I thank God every day and feel lucky that my son went to Ryder,” said Agra. “I think if he would’ve been taken to another hospital, he wouldn’t look the way he looks now.”

Cooper Grecco

“I don’t know what I would do without Jackson and my family,” Cooper said. “I credit the nurses and doctors for saving my life and putting me back together.”

Desiree Meyer

“I have fond memories of Ryder and the medical staff,” Desiree said. “Everyone was so great to me. They made me feel like I was not alone.”

Herminie E. Pedro Medina

“I was so impressed with everyone who worked there and the impact that they had on patients.”

Shauna Pender Vetrano

“Everyone at Ryder Trauma Center was amazing,” she says. “Had this happened anywhere else, I would be dead. I know that for a fact.”

Feride Buch

“I consider my doctors and nurses at Ryder family,” says Buch. “They were fighting for me when I was sleeping. They believed in me when I couldn’t.”